Your first appointment

While making an appointment, the masseur will ask specific questions about your symptoms and needs. That way he can be focus directly on the problem so as not to waste any treatment time
When examining the masseur will not only deal with the handling of the complaint, but also focus on the cause of the complaint.

Complaints may arise for various reasons: eg obliquity of pelvis, poor posture, incorrect posture, cramped or strained muscles.

Clothing during massage
Advice: Wear comfortable sitting underwear. For the massage of the legs you should not wear underpants with long legs, but simple knickers or panties.


The masseur adheres to the required hygiene rules for massage practices.
This means clean towels, room ventilation and disinfectant wipes.
As a client you are expected to always be freshened up, preferably showered, before appearing on the massage table.
Also, please bring a large (bath) towel for yourself.

You can change an appointment, if you do so at least 24 hours in advance.
Another client can then take over the vacant spot.

If you do not change or cancel appointments on time, you will unfortunately have to pay for the appointment.

Make an appointment or need more information?
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