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Allround Sports Fitness  

Bij Allround Sports Fitness kom je voor resultaten. (Top)sporters trainen om resultaten te behalen en met exact dezelfde instelling gaan wij samen aan de slag.
Op een speelse manier of juist via de militaire drill aanpak? Er zijn meerdere wegen naar Rome, maar het begint met: wat wil JIJ? Samen met Allround Sports Fitness ga je ervoor!


House of Running

Join us to get fit & have some serious fun!

Looking to run with others? Want a new way to get or stay fit?

Get structured training and a variety of running groups to match your interests and level of experience, from beginners’ groups and women’s groups, to specific race training for goals such as a 10K, the Dam tot Damloop, or a half marathon or full marathon.

We operate in English and our members are from around the globe, making it an enjoyable and interesting experience.

Why train alone? Join us, have fun, make friends, get structure and support, and get in great shape!

Founder and headcoach of the house of running Laurie Villareal, is a good motivator and she brings out the best in people. She makes running more fun!



Allround Sports Massage - Van Nijenrodeweg 917 - 1081 BK Amsterdam - Tel. 06 546 32 337

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