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Allround Sports Massage

Allround Sports Massage (ASM) is a sports massage practice, developed from the vision: PROBLEM SOLVING TREATMENT.

This means no symptom-treating, but very focused on finding the cause / source of the complaint or injury and use the appropriate treatment. 
Our approach is based on sports massage combined with other massage techniques such as deep tissue and connective tissue. In addition, we use the manual applications according to the Dorn method. An all-round treatment, both preventive and restorative. Suitable for athletes and non-athletes.

Why continue to be in pain?

Many people undergo numerous treatment sessions with conventional therapists, but they make little or no progress. Many of them come to our practice. Some have already given up and have  'accepted' the idea of being in pain for the rest of their live. 
Allround Sports Massage has been successful in relieving many people from their long-term symptoms and pain. Especially the treatment of back pain and neck pain are our specialty.   
Unlike the usual "treatment marathons' we are achieving much faster results. In fact, most clients notice this after a few treatments, or are even entirely rid of their complaints.

Allround Sports Massage


What can Allround Sports Massage therapy do for you? 

Sports massage can be used for different purposes:

  • Preventive: to prevent injuries or complaints 
  • Restoring: fatigue and overload 
  • Pre: before a (sports) performance to activate the muscles. It can also serve as part of the warm-up, though never as a replacement. 

Even for non-athletes 

Our treatment method is also suitable for non-athletes! People who hardly exercise, can benefit greatly from regular (sports) massage. When you are on your feet all day or spend most of your time behind a computer, you may indeed have physical complaints that ASM can remedy: eg (below) back pain, headaches tense neck and shoulder muscles, RSI-related complaints. 

Do you recognize yourself in this? Why continue to live with pain?

Please contact us using our contactform or call phone number 06 546 32 337.

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