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Allround Sports Massage is not your average sports massage practice. It does not matter whether you are an athlete or not. Physical symptoms or injuries are the work of Allround Sports Massage, so both athletes and non-athletes are welcome.

Sports massage in Amsterdam for athletes, non-athletes and for back problems

Persistent symptoms?

Do not hesitate to drop by if you have persistent symptoms, or have already gone through a very long course of treatment. Our experience teaches us that we can remedy or alleviate a lot of 'persistent symptoms or injuries". Many clients can confirm this.
Allround Sports Massage will be looking beyond the 'usual picture and search for the cause instead of the symptoms. The only way you can really get rid of your complaint or injury.

Back problems? One of our specialties: 90% of our clients with back pain are pain-free after their treatment.

Back problems

Unfortunately we often have to deal with back pain. Very annoying, because they are often very painful, and regularly you find yourself walking around with pain for a considerable time. Ranging from a few days to even years, they may adversely affect our everyday life. 

Nonspecific symptoms

For most complaints no clear cause is found, which are then called "nonspecific symptoms". A complaint for which one does not know the cause, is of course, difficult to treat. Research has also shown that 99.9% of the existing therapies are not effective! 

Effective treatment

That there is another way, ASM surely has proven by now! In most cases we do find the cause and we are able to offer effective treatment during a limited number of sessions. Ninety percent of our clients with back pain are pain free after their treatment.



for back problems



for back problems



for back problems

Case study:

Many people with back pain often continue to go untreated for too long. A dramatic example of this was a woman of 31 years, since her thirteenth suffering from lower back pain. Following the advice of her friend she came to our practice.
She had undergone many therapies and treatments of physiotherapy, manual therapy, exercise therapy to posture corrective therapies. There were also photos and scans taken. No therapy was effective and there was no cause found, until she came to our practice!
After a few sessions, we had found the cause and a few sessions later she was pain free.

This is just one example, we encounter frequently. So do not keep going through lengthy treatments that solve nothing.Why keep going through living with pain, when a solution is possible? In most cases, we dó find the cause of the symptoms.

Our approach is not directly aimed at therapeutic exercises and strengthening exercises, these are usually discussed after treatment. From Allround Sports Massage you can expect a focused, physical approach, we do not do symptoms treatment.  

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