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Allround Sports Massage is not your average sports massage practice. It does not matter whether you are an athlete or not. Physical symptoms or injuries are the work of Allround Sports Massage, so both athletes and non-athletes are welcome.

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Persistent symptoms?
Do not hesitate to drop by if you have persistent symptoms, or have already gone through a very long course of treatment. Our experience teaches us that we can remedy or alleviate a lot of 'persistent symptoms or injuries". Many clients can confirm this.
Allround Sports Massage will be looking beyond the 'usual picture and search for the cause instead of the symptoms. The only way you can really get rid of your complaint or injury.

Back problems? One of our specialties: 90% of our clients with back pain are pain-free after their treatment.

Allround Sports Massage - Van Nijenrodeweg 917 - 1081 BK Amsterdam - Tel. 06 546 32 337

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