ASM has extensive experience in the correction of physical complaints among non-athletes. 
Different work situations, either sitting or standing, can be very demanding on the human body.

Relief and controlling pain
Sports massage has proven a powerful tool to avoid many of these problems but is also very effective in relieving and controlling pain. 
Pain can occur anywhere in the body, but the most common pains are:

• Neck - and shoulder complaints (headache) 
• Low back pain 
• Leg pain 
• Sore feet

Provided that these symptoms are not caused by disease or by adhesions, they can treated extremely effective with sports massage .

Overload or fatigue,
Pain or cramping in the muscles is usually a sign of fatigue or overload and can manifest anywhere in the body. Accumulation of waste can easily be massaged away by sports massage. Most injuries caused by overloading, such as RSI, including back pain or shoulder and neck pain can be largely prevented.

Usefulness of sports massage
During sports massage the focus is strongly on a complaint. If there are no specific complaints (yet) a good preventive massage can also be given. This may be partly massage of the legs / hips, back, shoulder girdle or arms, but also a massage of the entire body. 
Studies and experience show that sports massage has a greater and more lasting impact than, say, a chair massage.

Try and experience it for yourself!

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